Monday, January 10, 2011


Hi all! I was reading about service standards on my friend’s blog and he is right, there is so much wrong with the food scene here in the capital Male. We seem to always complain what is wrong with the food scene and service here in Male’ and yes often it is bad and in some cases really appalling!
If I was to comment on the service quality, I actually do not know where to start! Well to be honest what really bugs me is the common grumpy and rude service we get and yes often I do get really annoyed and frustrated with this!

Well I have recently discovered a really handy solution to avoid these rude and unnecessary encounters at the restaurants and cafés in Male. As much as I detest at large the quality of the food plated in these places, there are days I do not feel like cooking and want something prepared for me as a change!

So came the perfect solution: (for those readers who do not understand Dhivehi language, Badhige means kitchen). Basically is an online food ordering and delivery service. Badhige has been around now for a couple of years but only in the last year or so it has taken a good stride and featured a good handful of restaurants and cafés into its collection. 
To be honest I never used it until a friend of mine pushed me to order food through Badhige and ever since I am quite convinced that this is the way forward in getting food without brainless waiters spitting at your face!
The coolest thing is that you can select and order online without ever having to speak to anyone one, make multiple food selections from various restaurants in the same order. Which means you can order starters from one restaurant, main course from another, desert from elsewhere, or just everything from one restaurant or café. Once you have finished ordering you get an order confirmation send to your email and updates when your delivery is being prepared and everything is delivered in one go. In short you decide what you want, put them all in the online shopping basket, click few buttons and voilà soon everything is at your doorstep!

If you have selected to pay by cash on delivery, you get a phone call from Badhige asking you if you have exact change or if the delivery staff should bring the balance change for the amount you have. Now I thought was really great idea as I don’t have to find the exact change.

The standard delivery time is 30 minutes. Ok when I say 30mins, I can hear some kill joys saying last time I ordered it took more than 30mins, etc. Yes it is true that this may happen from time to time, but how many times do waiters in a restaurant come up to you and tells you that the order will be delayed for another 15min, and often food is brought to you more than 30mins even when you are at the restaurant yourself! At least, if there is a delay, Badhige will call you and inform there will be a delay and apologize, and give you a new estimated delivery time! This almost never happens in restaurants!

Once the food is let the restaurants and is in the hands of the delivery staff, Badhige also send you an email saying the order is on the way to you. One more thing is that food is delivered hot (as they are transported in special thermal bags) and the delivery guys are really friendly and welcoming.

So my friends, now there is a service here in Male which actually can deliver food whilst allowing us to avoid frustrating poor quality service.  Enjoy! :)
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Afaf Zoya said...

Thank you So much .
I am madly Kraxy about Service.
The Best Customer Service Ever.

madcook said...

You are welcome and glad you agree with me! :)