Saturday, January 8, 2011


We have just finished a wonderfully wholesome and really enjoyable dinner at home. Now to some of friends out there this may not seem a great deal and say to me "so what's new at your place!". The fact is that I was not at all involved in preparing this feast!

Yes this is absolutely true! One of my Russian friends and her mother pre-prepared almost everything at theirs and brought them to my home for the final finish. As it was the Russian Christmas today, they decided to bring this amazing culinary feast to my table! Of course I did a small part in the dinner by providing a leftover steamed plum-pudding for the grand-finale! :)

With some twinkly lights and few dozen candles, the dinner started with a loud pop and zillions of bubbles accompanying a star-shaped starter. Covered with melting cheese it was piping hot and smelled gorgeous. As I dug into the melted Edam on the top, what revealed was a really delicious dish made with fresh mushrooms and chicken. Although I have no clue how it was made, I know for one thing for sure, it was called “Julienne”. So if you are ever in a Russian restaurant look out for this starter!

Following the Julienne, came the main dish, which strangely does not have any specific name to it except when translated it means stuffed peppers. (Apparently if you put this same stuffing into a cabbage leaf and made a closed roll, then you have a special name: Golubtsi, not exactly how it is pronounced, but something close to it).

Yes peppers stuffed with minced beef rice, carrots, onions and few different herbs, simmered in meat broth served with sour cream. Accompanying this main dish there were:
  • Boiled potatoes tossed in butter and chopped fresh dill,
  • Grated steamed beetroot with walnuts, garlic and mayonnaise,
  • Home-made sauerkraut (the other contribution from my home),
  • Home-made pickled cherry tomatoes, and last not the least,
  • Aubergine cooked with tomatoes, garlic and onions.
This entire Russian feast was just really delicious, filling and greatly satisfying food. Now this is what I call great simple home-cooked food. So simple and easy to make yet so gratifying because you know everything is made from fresh ingredients,  and above all cooked with love, passion and care! In my opinion, there is nothing more you can add in preparing really great food. Of course it will all be a waste without wonderful company to enjoy it all, which we did! :)

Oh I almost forgot the pudding! It was a traditional mixed fruit pudding and was served with vanilla and citron butter. Afterward, we all sat down on the couch, sipping peppermint tea and laughing our heads off talking about strange and unusual airline experiences we have all had at one time or another! :)


Kokaa said...

It would be really nice if you could post lovely pictures with each post so we can see what the dish looked like, so we can dream, dream, dream until we reach that place.

sofiery said...

merry christmas to vali and marina xx

madcook said...

I did have a plan to take photos and totally forgot to take out the camera at the sight of this wonderful feast! Anyway in future I will try and take pictures of the dishes I post here. Thanks for the idea. :)

Marishun said...

Ooohhhh, it was such a lovely evening!!!! Thanks Nasi and Valya darlings!!! :)