Monday, December 27, 2010


Hello everyone!

Just a quick hello and to introduce myself. Well my friends call me Nasi and I am passionate about many things in life as most people are. One of them is cooking. Cooking has been in and around my life for a very long time and entertaining with food has become a great love of my life.

Over the last few years many of my friends have asked for recipes or sometimes for just simple and clear instructions on cooking or preparing food.

So here I am finally answering those long awaited replies! My first ever blog and hopefully this will allow me to share some of my cooking experiences and allow those interested in food to learn few tricks or even teach me back some tricks of theirs.

Last but not least, I am new to blogging so bear with me while I slowly pick pace and hopefully start making sense of all this! My friend and colleague William helped me in creating this blog and if all goes horribly wrong, I will certainly hold him responsible! :))

Take care and wish you all a very happy New Year 2011.

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Anonymous said...

love this, this is one of my favourite ;)